Heart Felt Experience

Today; actually,  just about an hour ago, I realized that, in my attempt to be forthcoming, honest, and anxious about making a wrong move, I offended a young man with whom I wanted to assist me with the launch of my latest online product.  Wow! How can you let it go when you are the one who inadvertently offended someone else? And when the project is one of the most important projects in your life’s work?

Right now I feel crushed about it on a couple of levels. At one level, since I am new to the Internet marketing game and he is a self proclaimed millionaire in this game, I feel as though I may have truly short cut my opportunity to launch the product with him. I may also miss out on an opportunity to learn more about this game from a great resource. Second, I just feel bad because I offended someone I don’t know that well. Not my intent at all!

And to make matters worse, his email response to me, more than likely as a result of being offended, was that he did not want to work with me on this launch. He did not even want to talk about it on the phone. That was crushing to my ego and spirit. Wow! My feelings are hurt. Seriously.

Ok. The first step in letting go of acceptance and acknowledgment. With this situation, I am at step one. Lesson learned and I MUST re-gain my composure about this and move on. And I will. But in the heat of this moment, it is difficult.

I will keep you posted on how I overcome this feeling of failure. I feel I failed myself and him. Oh boy!!

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