2011 National Letting Go of Stuff Day – The Day After

Yesterday was a most awesome day! It was National Letting Go of Stuff Day and the reception in Albuquerque was incredibly successful. Another  special thank you goes to the owners of Great Face and Body (Keith and Andre), as those who attended the reception felt welcomed, appreciated, and received the utmost in hospitality.

I was proud to introduce our beautiful and innately charismatic daughter, Imala.

She enjoyed herself even though she was sleepy and out of sync with her normal evening routine. We are happy that she made the choice to go with the flow for that one evening.

Thanks to all of my clients, new found friends, and business associates who attended in support of me and to honor the day. Your presence was most important and you greatly contributed to the success and fun of the evening.

Admission to the reception was free and open to the public, except for one thing. At the door, visitors were asked to write on a piece of paper one thing they wanted to “let go” and then shred it. Andre and Keith provided a shredder at the door, just for this purpose. It was their idea and it was great!

I also asked Chris Martinez to display his beautiful art. He did. He also eloquently described how he had chosen one of his pieces to “let go” after 15 years of holding on to it. It is a piece that he LOVES and realizes that he needs to let it go in order for the piece to be appreciated. It was a powerful story of letting go and a great example of how Letting Go of Stuff® applies to every aspect of our lives.

What is the significance of National Letting Go of Stuff Day?

Its simple; yet it is complicated. This day gives one a chance to have a starting point to begin their Letting Go of Stuff® journey. On yesterday, if you created a list of what you want to “let go,”  then next year – on National Letting Go of Stuff Day (which is March 22, 2012), you will be able to measure the progress made throughout the year. As a result, this day provides a way to measure, acknowledge, and embrace your Letting Go of Stuff® progress each year.

You may be asking yourself – NOW WHAT? or WHAT ABOUT NEXT YEAR? or something like that…

Great questions. Every year National Letting Go of Stuff Day is recognized on the fourth Thursday in March. In 2012 the date will be March 22nd. Though this year’s reception will be hard to top for many reasons, NEXT YEAR’s celebration will be even bigger.

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