What Do You Have In Common With Lillian Evans and a not so Clean House?

Lillian Evans owns a Virginia home that was featured on an episode of the Clean House Show. Her home was labeled as the, “Clean House: Messiest Home in America 5.”

What might you have in common with Lillian Evans?

Let’s count the possibilities.

  1. Single Parent (perhaps)
  2. Detached from positive childhood experiences
  3. Shops to forget the reality
  4. Creates emotional ties to the stuff around her
  5. Feels stagnated by the stuff that is accumulated, as a result of her own habits
  6. Sinks in her own mental traffic of STUFF, which keeps her stuck in a rut
  7. Becomes overwhelmed with the outcomes of the above items

Getting a sense of what Lillian Evans may be experiencing?

There is a way out; a way to begin Letting Go of Stuff. Evans situation did not happen over night. It developed over seventeen years of poorly developed habits and the development of self defeating mental traffic.

Though cleaning the house will not fix the problem, it is a great start for Lillian Evans.
As you look around your house and/or office – what do you see? How do you feel?

Does the notion of ending up with a house full of STUFF over a seventeen year period – scare the heck out of you? Even if it only brings chills to your spine, there is a way to thwart off that kind of future.

When I purchased my parents home, it was filled with all of their STUFF.  Their combined life span of 143 years was spread out in every room of their home. A home they designed and built from scratch. How did I clean house?

Below are a few clean house tips.

  • Step 1 – Accept and Acknowledge – YOUR STUFF.
  • Step 2 – Identify and list what is that STUFF.
  • Step 3 – Prepare for the emotional, mental, and physiological changes you will experience as you clean house.
  • Step 4 – Make a list – of your family and friends who may want some of your stuff.
  • Step 5 – Invite those on the above list over to get what they want. Give them an initial date and deadline date to come by and get what they want.
  • Step 6 – Have a garage sale and sell everything you can. Use experts like those on the Clean House Show.
  • Step 7 – Remove yourself from the house during the sale and read a copy of Letting Go of Stuff while you are away.
  • Step 8 – Have the same people who managed your garage sale come back and remove everything else that did not sell. Again, remove your self from the house during this process.
  • Step 9 – Begin to change your habits and thought patterns – using a personal development coach
  • Step 10 – Live long and prosper from the inside out.