The United States Is In Great Pain And Needs To Begin Letting Go

Letting Go Cafe United States ChaosThis great nation of ours is going through so much tumultuous change and chaotic demise. External chaos is merely a reflection of what is painfully apparent on the inside. A big part of the chaos lies in our country’s inability to let go – as a whole.

I totally support the original intent and purpose of media in this country. I believe in its basic principle of Letting Go Cafe Media Impactheightening products and services to support free enterprise. I also believe that, when shared objectively, the media is a great source of news. The media also contributes to and enhances stereotypes in our country. They also help us to either let go or hold on to events from our past. Sometimes, and unfortunately, the media helps us to hold on to negative and damaging memories, when we really need to let go and move on.
Right now, there is much pain and suffering going on in this country.

Examples of past events are:
On the heels of the OJ Simpson fiasco and President Bill Clinton getting caught having a “non-sexual affair”, the election of 2000 was described by the media (CBS Television in particular) as being “history on hold.” Part of the reason it was dubbed as such was to give media outlets a chance to continuously report about that election.

Letting Go Cafe-Barack Obama & Mitt RomneyThen there is the most recent election of 2012 between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. There is no need to reiterate the negative, nasty, destructive, culturally insensitive campaigns and activities that surrounded that election. The ads alone were dishonorable and disgraceful, in some cases.

I don’t even want to get into the gun control laws, or lack thereof, in this country. There seems to be an increasing number of attacks on children by people who are gun owners.

It seems that United States citizens are losing sight of core Universal laws and values.

These are just a few of the events that create on going internal pain, suffering, and turmoil among and between the citizens of this the United States. It is a shame that this level of turmoil and dissension exists inside our government and our country.

Then there are the shows on television that “still” keep the mess up in the air. For example, Hannity and others like him are, for the sake of ratings, continually stirring up mess. Where does it all stop? At least CNN has moved on to more “news” related stories, or so it seems.

Of course we know that the media and our government is made up of individuals. In government we have individuals whom have been elected to represent the interests, values, beliefs, and desires of constituencies. Do they really?

As for the media, the escapades that are reported as “news,” that are being exploited by the media and the level of “news deception” are no more than a reflection of the suffering we are experiencing in this country.

People are in pain. People are searching for more. People are searching for Letting Go Cafe-I Want Moresomething to fill the void in their lives.

People are looking for that infamous four-letter word – MORE. Something that people have searched for thousands of years. Actually, even before the invention of the word, people were looking for it. I have spent years looking for it too. Along with discovering that four letter word, I discovered my life’s purpose – heightening the consciousness of those who want to learn how to let go.

Election 2000 represented more than just an inability to determine who is president. Election 2008 represented more than just the re-emerging of hatred among the citizens of the United States. Election 2012 represented more than just the insensitivity of our society.

These events represent a slow internal death that our country and particularly its citizens have been experiencing for years. Many people are dying a slow internal death and the murderers are:

(1) inability to let go
(2) lack of identity
(3) the inability to manage change
(4) inability to accept different values
(5) lack of effective goal setting
(6) living in fear, and
(7) an absence of love

What are your thoughts?

The Thing About Letting Go of Racism Is…

Don’t let the title throw you!! This video is very eye opening, to say the least. It is imperative that we learn to let go of racism. It is one of the most compelling smoke screens ever introduced to the citizens of these united States. The looming question for me is, “But what about the children, our next generation? What kind of legacy are we leaving for them, relative to race relations?” Check out the video. It is worthwhile.

It’s Time Let Go of Child Abuse…

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. posted about how parents and anyone who is thinking about becoming a parent should rethink how they discipline their children.Letting Go Cafe-Child Abuse

There are parents (foster and birth) who unintentionally abuse their children thinking their abusive actions are an alternative to discipline. As a parent, I can’t tell you how horrifying it is to think that there are parents out there who literally do everything from breaking bones to diminishing spirits – all in the name of discipline. Its amazing!

You must read the article on this topic at It will really uplift your eyebrows and heighten your awareness about child rearing through abuse.

Something else to let go are the myths, and there are many, about child abuse. Below are only five of the many myths about child abuse.

Myth: It is only abuse if it is violent.April Is Child Abuse Prevention Mondy
FACT: Child abuse does not necessarily involve violence or anger. Abuse often involves adults exploiting their power over children, and using children as objects rather than respecting their rights as young people.

Myth: Parents who abuse their children do not love their children. These parents want to hurt or get rid of their children.
FACT: Most parents who abuse their children really do love the children and feel very guilty after abusing the children. The problem is that these parents do not know how to raise and discipline children in a non-abusive manner.

Myth: Children usually tell someone that they are being abused.
FACT: Most children do not tell. Abusers can be very effective in making children too fearful to talk about what is going on.

Myth: Children are usually sexually abused by strangers.
FACT: 85 – 90% of children who are sexually abused are sexually abused by someone they know.

Myth: The most common form of abuse suffered by children at home is sexual abuse.
FACT: Children are seven times more likely to be beaten badly by their parents than sexually abused by them.

Letting Go Cafe-Child Abuse SolutionsWhat are some ways to “let go” of child abuse. See these suggestions from

  • Be a nurturing parent. Children need to know that they are loved, special, and capable of fulfilling their dreams.
  • Help Yourself. What the day to day burdens and vicissitudes of life become overbearing, take time out and get away. Do not take it out on your child(ren).
  • Take advantage of parenting resources at your local library.
  • Monitor your child’s television and video watching. Violent TV and video programs can harm a child.
  • Become educated about what is, and what is not child abuse.