Be A Featured Blogger At The Letting Go Cafe

Interested in being a contributing featured blogger for the Letting Go Cafe? Read on to learn how.

What we will do in exchange for your article:

  1. Announce your featured blog article to one of our 3000+ databases
  2. Post a link to your site in your article (two links per article are allowed)
  3. Display a picture of you in your article, if you’d like
  4. Feature you as an expert in an email blast to our lists

To be featured, you agree to do the following FIVE easy steps:

Subscribe to the Letting Go Cafe. We will then get an email notifying us of your subscription. To subscribe place your email address in the upper right corner of this page, above the phrase, “I Want To Subscribe.”

Step 2
Peruse the blog CATEGORIES to see what kind of topics best fit your expertise. Formulate your article to fit our categories. The overall goal is to provide solutions for letting go in a complicated world.

Step 3
After perusing the blog, if you find a topic that works and want to be featured, send an email with. “YES I AGREE” in the subject line. Also indicate the title of the article and your topic in the content of the email. Send it to

Step 4
Write your article, edit and proof it, and submit it to:

Article Submission Guidelines:

  1. Article should be between 300–500 words
  2. Submit it in a word document (not .docx)
  3. Relate it to letting go in some way – based on the topics on Letting Go Cafe
  4. Send your picture, if you want to have one on the article
  5. Send up to two website links – they will be posted with your article
  6. Upon notice of publication, email your lists and database about the article being featured

Step 5
last the link to your article to ALL of your social networks, your email list(s), and to anyone else you think would benefit from your article content. We look forward to getting your email broadcast at

A few of our prior featured contributors:

Stacey Oliver-Knappe
Bob Mason
Jeff Davidson