Letting Go of An Employee? Consider This…

Letting go of an employee is something “not” to take lightly, as most know. There are many, many considerations before you potentially destroy someone’s life and family by letting them go through termination. PLEASE, be very thoughtful about it during these challenging times.

A termination, regardless of your personal feelings for the employees, must be ethical, genuine, and based on evidence that supports the decision.

Before letting go of (terminating) an employee ask the following questions.

  • Is my decision to terminate based on an individualized assessment of this employee’s performance or abilities OR am I being influenced by stereotypes or perceptions?
  • Do I have a legitimate business reason for the termination? What is it?
  • Do I have a documentary record supporting my decision? Is it accurate and complete?
  • Is this termination consistent with company policy?
  • Has the employee been made aware of performance issues and given an opportunity to correct them? Are efforts by management to obtain satisfactory performance and lack of response by the employee documented?
  • Have I involved the human resources department, especially where a situation appears to present difficult personnel issues or the potential for legal action?
  • Is the termination decision going to come as a surprise to the employee? If so, why?
  • Has the employee made any complaints, charges or grievances that would affect the company’s right to terminate this employee? (sexual harassment, wage/hour overtime pay, failure to accommodate a disability, etc.)
  • Is the employment at-will or are there some limitations on the right to terminate?
  • How is the employee likely to react to the termination?
  • Am I prepared to conduct an exit interview?
  • Has the company obtained legal advice? Does the possibility of a legal claim, if the person is a member of an otherwise protected class, warrant getting legal advice before the termination occurs?


Beyonce’s Got Bangs, Snooki Goes Make-up Free, And…

I am going to take a chance here and offer up my opinion about something to which I have developed strong feelings. After this, I am going to let it go.

Letting Go Cafe BeyonceWe have millions of people starving, homeless, and those who are having trouble paying for rent and mortgage in this country. That is why it is hard to believe that the media is so incredibly focused on such things as Beyonce’s Bangs and Snooki’s “no make up” picture. I find it hard to swallow – on one level. Do you?Beyonce-LettingGoCafe.com

Ok! Again, I understand that following celebs is fun, exciting, and allows us to take our eyes off of the problems of every day. I am also a Beyonce fan and think she is incredibly talented as an entertainer. But I can’t help but to believe that there are stories out there that are just as exciting, just as inspiring, just as engaging – about every day folks – as there are about celebs like Beyonce and Snooki. Would you agree?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the whole “marketing thing” that allows a celebrity to keep his/her name in the public eye. And I also understand and respect that “fans” want to be in touch with their chosen celebrity. I also believe that as a society, it is time for us to begin to “let go” of this need to know every little details of our famous ones.Snooki @ LettingGoCafe.com

That shared, I also understand that the celebs feed that need to know as well. about something that isIt would be great to hear a news bit about Beyonce reading a book of substance. Or about Snooki writing a blog worthy of real news other than getting drunk and spitting up in a club. Right?

Ok. I am done with my ranting and am going to “let this go” as of this moment. But I just had to share my simple thoughts in this complicated world.

Any thoughts?