More On Forgiveness and Letting Go

Letting go of stuff is easy to consider, but can be challenging to do. Right?
Nonetheless, letting go is very possible and extremely necessary. One of the major components to letting go of “stuff” is being able to forgive. Who do you forgive? It starts with yourself and ends with the forgiveness of others. Forgiveness leads to letting go.

Where do you begin?

First, start by accepting and acknowledging that you need to forgive someone. Yes! That is the first step. Simple enough – right? Include on your list of those you need to forgive – your “self.”

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What Is National Letting Go of Stuff Day?

National Letting Go of Stuff Day

National Letting Go of Stuff Day is…

…a day to begin developing a loving, kind, and caring relationship with – YOU!

National Letting Go of Stuff Day Is:

  • A day to claim your personal power
  • A day to begin measuring your personal success from one year to the next
  • A day to begin cleaning out your heart – getting rid of all the emotional gunk
  • A day to claim RENEWAL of your spirit
  • A day to BEGIN LETTING GO of your past situations that are holding you back from your future success
  • A day to claim your future dreams – as your own
  • A day to accept and acknowledge what you can and cannot control in your life – and live accordingly

Every March, on the fourth Thursday, it will be:
National Letting Go of Stuff Day.

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Letting Go Of The Egotistical Mind With Michelle Rosado

A mind that is free of judgment and doubt allows one to magnetizeLetting Go Cafe opportunities, regardless of how small they appear. Whatever the mind, combined with the heart can envision are all conveyed to the subconscious mind that then works along with the universal forces and establishes one’s reality.

When the conscious decision is made to change not only one’s attitudes and thoughts, but also how we perceive these thoughts to be, life’s direction will begin to change.