Increase Sales by 5% or More, By Letting Go of Stuff, and Accepting This Challenge…

This is a Letting Go of Stuff challenge to all business owners and sales professionals. You can increase sales by 5% or more by dong the following.

Go to your desk – sit down – gather all of the piled up business cards, hand written notes with names and phone numbers, pull out that binder of collected business cards, and print out names and phone numbers of everyone in your cell phone. Oh, and pull out that old school address book that you thought you would never use after you bought the cell phone.

Take all of these contacts – place them in a pile on your desk- look at the pile and ask yourself the following questions:

How much revenue for my business is hidden in this pile of names and addresses?

Be honest with yourself when answering this next question.

Have you really attempted to contact all of these people to express your excitement about the benefits of your product or service? Not to sell to them; but to share your excitement about what your business has done for you and your family.

Stop reading this article and do exactly what I outlined up to this point, then come back to this section. Go ahead! I will wait for you (smile).

Okay. Now that you are back – I want to share the next steps you must take to realize that hidden revenue in that pile. But first consider this notion from Jeff Olson.

In his book titled Slight Edge, Jeff Olson writes, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” He also reminds us that simple daily tasks are easy to do, and yet they are easy not to do.

In other words, contacting everyone in your pile of names and numbers is easy to do – and it is easy not to do. Not doing it will not make or break your business; yet doing it could generate extra revenue that may give you the motivation to work your business even more. Successful people will make those calls and do the sorting necessary to determine how to share their excitement. You may consider getting The Slight Edge. Its a great read.

That said, the following 6 steps will get you started on the process of letting go and finding that fortune – which may be in that pile of names and numbers we just collected.

  1. Let go of any notion that you are selling. You are not selling – you are sharing and sorting. Sharing your excitement about your business and sorting out their level of interest – which determines, to some extent, how you share.
  2. Clear your mind of any pre-judgment you have about the people in that pile.
  3. Keep the call to 12 minutes or less
  4. As you make the calls, place the name, number, and pertinent info on your follow up list (this way you can throw away the business card and eliminate the clutter)
  5. Create five to seven bullet points you will share when you make the call

Consider the following when writing your bullet points:

  1. Your excitement and passion for what you do
  2. The impact the business has had on you and your family
  3. How much fun you are having
  4. You have partnered with someone in your business who has had great success
  5. Refer them to your website or blog

Get started right now. Do not put it off until tomorrow. I write in my book about the “today” philosophy. Many people say, “One day I will…” In my opinion, successful people say to themselves, “Today I am…” and they act today, rather than one day. So get started TODAY on creating your empire and do it today. I wish you the very best with your home based business. If I can ever assist, my contact info is below. I invite you to contact me anytime.

Darren L Johnson
Business Coach, Author, Speaker




Letting Go Of Work Stress Before Getting Home

I was recently asked the following question. What follows is my response.

How do I let go of personal disappointments in my career and not take it out on my family?

You are not alone. Many people have trouble separating work frustrations from the peacefulness of home. Home should be a place where you find refuge from the challenges and stressors related to work. There are two periods in which we hold on to disappointments at work. One is during break, immediately after the event occurs. The other time is during the drive from work to home.

During that immediate drive – from work to home, we replay, in our minds eye, the stressful events at work. Sometimes we replay situations for many weeks, months, and even years after they happen at work.

Here are some tips that will help.

For the daily drive (or bus/train ride) home:

1.     Use deep breathing techniques for at least three minutes shortly after you begin the drive home.

2.     Spend five minutes envisioning what will make you happy, peaceful, and joyous once you get home. Doing this will allows you to transition from the work environment to home.

3.     Play your favorite music, and/or call home. Call home and talk to your significant other and/or children. Do whatever will relax you and take your mind off work. Don’t listen to talk radio or other radio shows that will invoke negative feelings.

For generally Letting Go of Stuff® at work:

1.     Do not personalize what happens at work. More often than not, decisions made that affect you, are not specifically about you.

2.     Focus your energy on what you can control. Many people will put energy in to asking and answering the question – WHY? – about what happens at work.

3.     Focus on taking positive action. In other words, don’t let one disappointment keep you from continuing to be as honest, pleasant, and uplifting as possible at work. You may find that setting positive goals to do this will keep you focused on moving forward rather than stuck in a rut.

4.     If there is someone at home who can help, then ask this person to support you in not bringing “stuff” home. I call this person the “stuff spotter.” You have to be willing to allow them to say this and you not react defensively – otherwise, getting the support will not work.

5.     Maintain a good balance among the various activities in your life.

Finally, what works well for me, and I also recommend it to my clients, is to keep a personal journal. In the journal you can release, through writing, some of your frustrations related to disappointments at work. When you journal, you also provide a way to track your emotional growth. It is empowering to see yourself grow as you let go of old unwanted habits and take on new desired behavior – on purpose.

Take care.
Darren L Johnson
the Letting Go Pro