Letting Go and Weight Loss – The Connection

The Overall Story
I had a client who was really trying hard to lose weight. She counted calories. She had tried all of the most popular weight loss programs out there. She was tired, ragged, and worn out in her attempt to find something that worked. Every program she tried – in the long run, just didn’t work.

A couple of weight loss programs worked at first, but then – after a month or two – she just gained the weight right back. And with some of the programs, she not only gained what she had loss right back, she gained even more weight. Sheesh! She was frustrated to no end.

One of the reasons for her inability to lose weight was because of her mindset. In her minds eye, she saw herself having challenges. She never created an image of herself – getting thinner. She had no vision of herself losing the weight she wanted. She did not even have an image of her being successful in the process – in any way. The vision she had was of her struggling to lose weight. She saw herself not losing weight. She had no clear vision of how she would look after losing weight. THEREFORE, the decisions that she made, subconsciously, were centered around NOT losing weight and failing in the weight loss programs that she tried. This was her vision.

Through a coached visioning exercise – she was able to create a NEW vision of herself. One that allowed her to, in her mind’s eye, see herself succeeding. In her vision she was

  • thinner
  • happy
  • stress free
  • eating what she wanted
  • eating when she wanted
  • more attractive and appealing to her husband (he could not keep his hands off her)
  • was a source of inspiration to her friends and family
  • felt like the queen weight loss expert

We used a picture from her past in the visioning exercise. Afterward she posted copies of the picture – in her house, car, office, bathroom, on the fridge and oven doors, and by the door going out to the garage. We had to work hard at her not hating the pictures, but loving them.

Sometimes we get angry at pictures from the past that remind us of what we DO NOT HAVE. That anger creates blockage to getting what we want. Its best to love that part of your past. LET GO OF THE ANGER.

LOVE who you are today, by embracing you were yesterday.

You can do this…
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Heart Felt Experience – Part 2

Ok. As you may recall, on Tuesday night of this week I wrote a blog about how I had messed up with this guy whom I admire and believe is an awesome Internet marketer. That post was written almost immediately after the incident.

One of the steps (secrets) to Letting Go of Stuff is to do everything you can to influence a situation before you choose to – let it go. Wanna’ know the outcome of that situation from Tuesday?

I contacted the guy, apologized, and let him know how important it was to me, to develop a professional relationship with him. Now, we are back on track and communicating via email. He has provided challenging and valuable feedback about the most recent website for my home study course. I believe that the result will be, in the long run, better for my professional growth as an Internet marketer.

The moral of the story: one is never too experienced to learn a lesson in humility. As soon as you believe you can’t learn anything new, that is when you become the most ignorant. I am a full time, life long, soak it up, student of and for life. If you are not, then you should be too.

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Heart Felt Experience

Today; actually,  just about an hour ago, I realized that, in my attempt to be forthcoming, honest, and anxious about making a wrong move, I offended a young man with whom I wanted to assist me with the launch of my latest online product.  Wow! How can you let it go when you are the one who inadvertently offended someone else? And when the project is one of the most important projects in your life’s work?

Right now I feel crushed about it on a couple of levels. At one level, since I am new to the Internet marketing game and he is a self proclaimed millionaire in this game, I feel as though I may have truly short cut my opportunity to launch the product with him. I may also miss out on an opportunity to learn more about this game from a great resource. Second, I just feel bad because I offended someone I don’t know that well. Not my intent at all!

And to make matters worse, his email response to me, more than likely as a result of being offended, was that he did not want to work with me on this launch. He did not even want to talk about it on the phone. That was crushing to my ego and spirit. Wow! My feelings are hurt. Seriously.

Ok. The first step in letting go of acceptance and acknowledgment. With this situation, I am at step one. Lesson learned and I MUST re-gain my composure about this and move on. And I will. But in the heat of this moment, it is difficult.

I will keep you posted on how I overcome this feeling of failure. I feel I failed myself and him. Oh boy!!

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