It Has Been Fifty Years!

This past weekend I went through a period of feeling very grateful about my life. And in looking back – on the events of this year alone – I realize that I love my life. I can’t count the number of times I have looked back on my life and felt good about it. Not to say it was perfect by definition, because it was far from it. But it was perfect – for me – and that is what really matters – isn’t it? The same goes for you. Your life should be perfect for you, not anyone else.

Along with so many others who experienced the events of this year in our country’s history, I have been blown away about being alive during this time. As you know, our country voted in to office the first US President (Barak Obama) who is clearly of African decent. We are experiencing the worse economic downturns since the 1920’s. Our unemployment rate is higher than it has been since the early 80’s Additionally, there are movements underway among some groups to set up shop in this country and totally destroy it, from the inside-out. There are just a few of the events that may be uplifted as landmark experiences in our country’s history.

On the flip side, investors who are positioned to survive and who have access to cash are going to make a killing off of the woes of many; particularly in real estate and the stock market. If you happen to be in that group, I wish you the best and say, go for it!! Or you may be like Phil Valentine (radio talk show host) and make a conscious choice not to participate in the economic slump by spending money you don’t have regardless of the current conditions. What ever you choose as your way of being during these times, do it with gumption and passion AND be happy about your choices.

These and other events of this year were experienced by all of us. However, there were at least two other events I experienced that none of you did.

Almost one year ago today (January 13, 2008), I became a father. It is our first and only child. I know for sure she is the only child we will have because while going through labor Indira looked me directly in the eyes and firmly said, “We are NOT doing this again.” And she has reiterated this to me several times since; I’m okay with it (as if I have a choice).   Seeing our beautiful daughter being born was an incredible experience. I also had the privilege of cutting her umbilical cord, which added to the depth of the experience. Our daughter’s name is Imala Belizaire Johnson and she is so wonderful.

The second major experience I had this year was just a few days ago when I happily turned fifty years old. Yes, happily! I am very grateful to be at this point in my life. Fifty years is a long time to have been hanging around. And hanging around is what I did a lot of during the first fifty years of my life.

I spent a lot of time from 1958 to 2008 being happy, relaxed, and taking on challenges with great intensity. Don’t get me wrong, I had many moments of lost emotion,  like every one else does. But for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed my first fifty and wouldn’t change a thing.

I also re-learned how to love my self. And if you know anything about my philosophy on life from my book, then you know loving one’s self is a big deal. Even if you don’t know about my philosophy, you should know that loving your self is the most important thing to re-learn while alive. I say re-learn because I believe we are born with a built in mechanism for self-love and loose sight of it as we mature over the years. So re-learning to love oneself is very important.

Looking ahead to the next fifty years I have decided to continue on the path of being happy and relaxed; and in addition, even more grateful. I also decided that since my first fifty years were spent focusing primarily on me, the next fifty will be spent on others. In other words, I will give, give, and give of myself – to my daughter, to Indira, and to all the people who have supported and believed in my work. I mean it! I actually started toward the end of this year by giving about 400 books to domestic violence shelters in middle Tennessee.

And I can’t wait to get started on my new focus. It will begin next month.

Until next time…


  1. 1 Month Loan says:

    I have to say, I dont know if its the clashing colours or the poor grammar, but this weblog is hideous! I mean, I dont desire to sound like a know-it-all or anything, but could you might have possibly put just a little bit far more effort into this subject. Its actually fascinating, but you dont represent it properly at all, man.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I am always looking to make the blog better, though yours is the only comment of this sort.
      What would be helpful for me, rather than condescending remarks, would be constructive suggestions as to how the blog might be improved. Any thoughts?

  2. flower arrangements modern says:

    Your blog is STELLAR! I mean, Ive by no means been so entertained by anything in my life! Your vids are excellent for this. I mean, how did you manage to find something that matches your style of writing so properly? Im genuinely happy I started reading this right now. Youve got a follower in me for positive!

  3. Meggin says:

    This is part of why I know you’re going to do such a fabulous job wit the teleseminar coming up soon! You have the attitude of gratitude….

    And I’m with you, I love my life, too!!!


    1. @Meggin. Thanks for your comment Meggin. Hope to see you back at the Letting Go Cafe in 2013.

  4. Yolanda Bonadona says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and plans and for being an inspiration to all of us.

  5. Joe Sabah says:

    here’s what I meant

    At 77 I’m looking forward to 100.
    tnx for your inspiring stories

    1. Hi Joe. Happy New Year. Thanks for your comment about looking forward to 100. By now, you are almost 80. Only 20 more years to go. I want to be like you when I grow up Joe :-).

      Let me share our 2012 In Review report for the Letting Go Cafe. I believe you will like the report. All the best my friend.

  6. Joe Sabah says:

    At 77 I’yourm looking forward to 100.
    tnx for your inspiring stories

  7. A. Hoskins says:

    “Happy Birthday”! I enjoyed reading this blog! Continue to bless your readers with your awsome insight and wisdom!
    Blessings, Joy and Favor in 2009! Artherrine
    P.S. Give a hug to daughter and wife for me!

    1. @Artherine. Happy New Years. Hope you have a prosperous 2013. Have you written that book yet? Its been many, many years since you made the claim to write it. I am sure that by now, it is written, right? Take care.

  8. Micky Jones says:

    Thank you for this positive post. I think this time is an amazing opportunity to be positive and forward thinking. We will come out of it. And for the better.

    I am continuing to do what I do. Focus on new families, babies and healthier communities.

    I am one person who has been inspired by your “letting go of stuff” mentality and I am really trying to do it in my own life. Thank you for sharing your life and philosophy with “the birth tub lady”.

    I have no where near your wisdom, but I am learning that the simpler things are, the better they are.

    Here’s to a wonderful new year and I hope we can work together this year.

    Micky Jones, BS, CLE, CLD, IBCLC, HCHI
    9 Months & Beyond, LLC

    1. @Micky. How are you Micky. You should see our daughter now. She will be five in January 2013. Its amazing how time flies. Come back to visit the Letting Go Cafe again in 2013.

  9. I like you focus of celebration. Celebrating the waves in our lives is what makes us such facinating human beings. Messages of hope and forward looking are so needed in our transitioning society. You have looked at yourself and hopefully that will encourage others to look at their own life (whatever age).. and celebrate their own living. It was soul provoking for me. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and yours. Patricia L

    1. Happy New Year Patricia. Come back to the Letting Go Cafe and post again in 2013. There is plenty to read about now.

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