Combating Holiday Depression With Three Words

Holiday depression is very real for many people. There are three words that have brought about distinct mind shifting paradigms in my life for combating depression, especially during the holiday. Internalizing an understanding of these words has allowed me to completely let go of what is defined by some as outward anger turned inward. These three mental paradigm shifts provided the freedom for me to grow in all areas of my life.

Let Go – Unhealthy Products Under Your Sink(s)

In 2003 I began my journey to becoming a healthy vegan. The next decision was to start where I thought was easiest – physically eliminating all the unhealthy products. Ha! I could not have been more wrong in thinking that was going to be an easy approach. It got pretty complicated very quickly. Today however,Continue reading “Let Go – Unhealthy Products Under Your Sink(s)”

One Secret To Staying Young And Healthy

Over the years I have met so many beautiful people. Some were seasoned, but looked youthful. Others were young and looked more seasoned. I often wonder why that is the case. For me, I fall in the seasoned category, with a youthful look (or so I am told). I contribute it to two important things.Continue reading “One Secret To Staying Young And Healthy”