Helping Children To Let Go

Helping Children To Let Go

The beauty of teaching children how to let go at an early age is that they might not get so stuck in a rut later in life. It will also help them to have greater balance when it comes to choosing friends, and making choices while among friends.

This is something they will not learn in school, but only through stories and activities. Cokoa’s Journey is a children’s book about letting go. It is written as a parable. Cokoa, a poodle, learns with his friends the seven secrets for letting go of stuff on purpose.

Click on the picture of the baby on the toilet to learn how you can make a difference.

A New Letting Go of Stuff Product

I have not found in any school system, a program that teaches how to be successful, as a person. I have also not found in any school system a program that supports how to effectively let go and manage through life’s challenges.

Letting Go of Stuff Student GuidebookSo in the stead of complaining about what is missing in the school systems across the country. I decided to take positive action and create a product that will help to close the gap between what is needed and what is missing. Thus, I created the Letting Go of Stuff Student Guidebook.

The news announcement about it is on several news release websites and HERE.