Combating Holiday Depression With Three Words

Letting Go Cafe - Martrie BushThere are three words that have brought about distinct mind shifting paradigms in my life for combating depression, especially during the holiday. Internalizing an understanding of these words has allowed me to completely let go of what is defined by some as outward anger turned inward. These three mental paradigm shifts provided the freedom for me to grow in all areas of my life.

Perspective. In this Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, Instagram, Facebook, SnapLetting Go Cafe Holiday Blues
Chat world of today, it is easy to be trapped into the cycle of constantly comparing ourselves to others. We end up using a filtered version of the lives of others as a measuring stick for our self worth.

As a female, it was hard to fully identify with any certain culture or nationality. Even with the beautiful hue of my skin tone, when I looked in a mirror it was complicated to determine what are African or European features. The history of African Americans assuredly lends credence to both. My perspective was influenced by the two quotes.

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Letting Go of Bad Business Decisions

Stacey Oliver Knappe - Letting Go Cafe
Stacey Oliver-Knappe

I have never worked with a company that is happy to spend money. What happens is many intelligent people come together in conference rooms around the world, over what can sometimes take years, to think about how to spend money to improve the organization’s results. The thinking is, “The longer we analyze the decision, the more likely we will make the right decision.”

As in life, any decision we as leaders make is an educated guess, at best, regardless of how long it may take to make the decision. Who we marry; who we vote for; who we hire – vendor or employee; or what process we implement – it is all a gamble.

How can we know when a decision is either right or wrong?

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The Little Protector Within

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Letting Go Cafe - ELisha Vee

By ELisha Vee

Every now and then I hear an inner voice yelling for me to post something online. “Share an experience,” the voice yells. When that happens, I get excited and start thinking about what to write and how to convey my thoughts.

Then moments later that inner voice quietly says, “Don’t post that. It does not feel comfortable. It is not safe to feel uncomfortable.”

What ensues is a feeling of anxiety over possible rejection or ridicule (due to past experiences) overwhelms me. This leads to the inevitable “deletion” of the post.

Why does the second voice seem to “win out” most of the time? Shouldn’t the initial voice be the bigger voice with more confidence, relevance, and authenticity?

It is my understanding that the answer lies within the subconscious. I believe the subconscious is a powerful protector that helps us to avoid threats – real or perceived – at all costs. When I feel anxious inside, my subconscious springs into its reactive, protective mode.

“Thank you, Subconscious. I feel safe now?”

What Is Stuff - Letting Go CafeConstantly reliving past experiences can greatly inhibit our creative expression. We have to learn to let go. Being unable to let go prevents us from being fully present in the moment, thereby reducing our overall quality of life. Oftentimes we are not aware that we are living in the past and that our present actions are mostly reactions triggered by past experiences.

We have to learn how to let go in order to access and process these emotions from the past. As the saying goes: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” Practicing the skill of letting go can free us of emotional triggers and allow us to move towards the next greatest version of ourselves.

Imagine how much more productive, fulfilled, and happy life could be if we learn how to tap into our subconscious. Once we identify the voice that is telling us “no,” we can consciously choose to shift that to a resounding ‘yes.”. The more practice we get with making conscious choices about our internal conversation, the better we get at acting according the positive portions of our internal dialog.

Which do you listen to most often, the YES or the NO voice?