Giuliana Rancic Is Letting Go of Stuff

This evening I watched the all new E! True Hollywood Story of Giuliana Rancic.
Giuliana Rancic Is Letting Go
I have to say that it was an inspiring story. Giuliana Rancic, came to the united States from Naples with her family , stayed focused on her dreams, and has not allowed one thing to get in her way. She has even overcome the challenges of breast cancer. Talk about going up against all odds.

Rancic’s story, particularly her journey with cancer, is rated right up there with that of my Mom’s. As a matter of fact, I have placed her (Giuliana Rancic) right at the top of the list of my personal heroes. At the top of this list is my Mom, of course. In case you have not read my book and don’t know the story, my Mom was challenged with multiple sclerosis. In 1992, after about fourteen years of dealing with the symptoms of MS, she transitioned (passed away) at the young age of 64.

It was the way that our Mom faced the challenges of the MS that really allowed me to herald her as a true hero. Yes, part of her heroism comes from the fact that she was my Mom; but another huge part of it comes from the way she faced her challenges. She was courageous, inspiring, kept a sense of humor, and continued to love her children and her husband – right to the end.

I am not saying that she didn’t have her moments, (in some cases days) in which she was difficult to be around, because she did. Imagine that your organs, muscles (voluntary and involuntary) are working against you. I can imagine that it would frustrate one to no end. Nonetheless, and as I recall, those moments and days were few and far between.

It was my experience, as I watched the multiple sclerosis overcome every component of her body, that she was able to laugh, enjoy a good book, love, and was willing to learn new things. She continued to live, even though, she was face to face with a dreadful uncontrollable challenge that had inevitable consequences. She laughed and enjoyed a good conversation right up to the point in which she lost control of her voice. After she lost her voice, she would communicate with me using her eye brows and facial expressions. She never gave up on life.

I love that lady so much! Always will.

I can remember one day when I came to visit her at their home (my parents lived in Nashville, TN). At that time, she had been moved from the master bedroom upstairs to my brother’s bedroom downstairs because it was easier for her to get in and out of the house. I walked in to the room and after we greeted, she called me over to the bed and said with great enthusiasm, “I want you to help me do my exercises.” She continued, “If I exercise, then it might help me to get more control of my muscles.” So I did. For her, at that time, exercise was simply holding a tennis ball in her hands and squeezing it as tightly as she could, and then letting it go. She did those exercises with intense focus, vigor and commitment. It was amazing and inspiring to watch.

What I also appreciated (still do) about my Mom was her strength, tenacity, fiery approach to some situations, and the fact that she never gave up. NEVER! I see the same qualities in Giuliana Rancic as I watched that E! True Story. I admire and appreciate that quality SO very much!

Giuliana, you have inspired me to face my fears, keep my head up high, and stay focused on my dreams – no matter what. The message I got from your story is – never give up. That is one of the same messages I got from my Mom, as she courageously faced her challenges with multiple sclerosis.

The first step in the process of Letting Go of Stuff is to accept and acknowledge – that thing (or things). What is “that thing?” It is what ever it is that is getting in your way. What ever it is that is keeping you stuck in what ever rut you might be in – in this moment. It is not until you notice it, step to it, accept it, and then embrace it – that you will be able to let it go. Regardless of what “it” is!

I believe that part of the reason many can not let go of stuff is because we never make it to that first step. Many people never take the time to exhale, and admit that something is in their way. That something is keeping you stuck. Being perpetually stuck – keeps you from living life to the fullest.

  • Are you alive in your life’s journey?
  • Are you going for it in your life?
  • Are you hustling to make your dreams come true? Or just hustling?
  • What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to begin – living your life to its fullest?


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