Wendy Williams – Never Let Go Of The Little Girl In You

On the http://www.LettingGoCafe.com Wendy Williams hit the nail on the head during her after show when she stated that one should “never let go of the little girl in you.” Though she was referring to an interview she had done with a member of her co-host audience, the statement Wendy made…

Thandie Newton Talks About Use Of SELF

Thandie Newton does a wonderful job of sharing her personal experience with letting go of SELF.

In this video he actor shares her personal experiences with letting go of self and how, in the process, she finds her true self. She also defines race and talks a lot about coming to grips with the true definition of what I refer to as her “whoness.” Letting go of stuff is a process that allows one to identify and embrace one’s whoness.

Whoness represents our way of being both within and without the world around us. Whoness represents your true essence. Thandie Newton shared her “whoness” with the audience and does so with elegance and style.


Hill Harper’s Perspective On Success and Letting Go

I recently experienced a presentation by Hill Harper. It was great! Part of the inspiration from his message was its simplicity. Based on a quote by the great late Robert F. Kennedy, Harper shared three key ingredients for letting go and succeeding. The Robert F Kennedy quote was…