Letting Go of Bad Business Decisions

Stacey Oliver Knappe - Letting Go Cafe
Stacey Oliver-Knappe

I have never worked with a company that is happy to spend money. What happens is many intelligent people come together in conference rooms around the world, over what can sometimes take years, to think about how to spend money to improve the organization’s results. The thinking is, “The longer we analyze the decision, the more likely we will make the right decision.”

As in life, any decision we as leaders make is an educated guess, at best, regardless of how long it may take to make the decision. Who we marry; who we vote for; who we hire – vendor or employee; or what process we implement – it is all a gamble.

How can we know when a decision is either right or wrong?

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Letting Go Cafe - Now What

  • Are you a home based business owner who – just happened to sign up with a network marketing company to sell their products online?
  • Are you stuck in a rut trying to figure out how to generate leads online?
  • Do you sit at your computer, late at night (or whenever) and ask the screen, “NOW WHAT?”

I understand and have done all three. Its frustrating, isn’t it?

To close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with your business requires focus, on self development that you might not have had in the past. Understanding your strengths and challenges, and recognizing how to have balance between the two is a developed skill that comes with time, focus, being honest with yourself, and more. For those who figure this out – awesome! But for those who don’t, well, let’s just say that it takes a bit more time to get where/what you want.

For home based business owners in the network marketing and direct sales industry, the question – NOW WHAT? – is a common one. But is the answer common? The product and/or service being offered is great. The compensation plan is set and incredible. The company has a steady track record. The process for finding and following up with leads is in place. The marketing tools are already designed and provided. So what is left? Two words – personal development.

The internal dialog of the home based business owner can make or break their success. What you say to yourself – about you – becomes paramount. The level of confidence, being self-empowered, understanding internal strengths and weaknesses, and being laser focused on a goal or dream – are often part of the missing links in growing any business. 90% of the challenges for home based business owners are in the lack of personal development. What creates this lack or the need to ask, NOW WHAT? It is one thing – STUFF.

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Cokoa’s Journey – A Fable For Leaders About How To Let Go

Cokoa's Journey - Book For LeadersCokoa’s Journey is an e-book for leaders. The story Cokoa learns the seven steps to effectively let go and manage change. During his eight day journey he encounters Pepe, a wise sage. Pepe takes Cokoa on a great journey in which he discovers the Self Managing Grid™.

This ebook is a powerful and intriguing story written as a fable.

The author, Darren L Johnson, is an organizational change expert who has been teaching, facilitating, researching, and writing about how to effectively let go and manage change for thirty plus years.

The e-book is also available on Amazon.  #cokoas_journey