Michelle Rosado – Letting Go of the Egotistical Mind

Letting Go Cafe-Michelle Rosadoby Michelle D. Rosado
Featured Contributing Writer

Happiness in its broadest meaning is not limited to only the physical or monetary concepts of how we came to be in existence. True happiness reveals itself as being blissful in countless forms in life and nature.

The universal spirit of consciousness craves to continuously manifest and express itself. Unlike the ego, which presents itself as fear – to be valued and loved. There is an unforgettable sense of awareness and emotional freedom when this is realized.

Every individual has dual natures. One wants the self to move forward while the other feels like pulling back. This contrast, in essence is our egotistical mind and not our true, gifted Being.

Silencing the mind before reaching any conclusion diffuses the ego, for becoming fully aware of each moment bestows us with the gift of the NOW. Releasing the egotistical mind is not the same as dismissing it; the ego is always present and makes it known in times of resentment and confusion.

A mind that is free of judgment and doubt allows one to magnetizeLetting Go Cafe opportunities, regardless of how small they appear. Whatever the mind, combined with the heart can envision are all conveyed to the subconscious mind that then works along with the universal forces and establishes one’s reality.

When the conscious decision is made to change not only one’s attitudes and thoughts, but also how we perceive these thoughts to be, life’s direction will begin to change.

Thoughts hold great power, and now has never been a more important time to be mindful of them.


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