One Secret To Staying Young And Healthy

Over the years I have met so many beautiful people. Some were seasoned, but looked youthful. Others were young and looked more seasoned. I often wonder why that is the case. For me, I fall in the seasoned category, with a youthful look (or so I am told). I contribute it to two important things.

I blame it in part on one valuable ingredient that I eat daily, and thus is part of a recipe for living life to the fullest. That ingredient is coconut oil.

In addition to it being a powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can treat a range of infections from the flu to candida due to the lauric and caprylic acid content, there is a long list of great researched based reasons why coconut oil is considered one secret to staying young and healthy. Trust me, it is no joke.

There are so many uses for coconut oil in your daily healthy beauty routine, it’s hard to keep track! There are also a few things to consider before changing your habits to incorporate coconut oil into your daily regimen.

Changing from what you currently use to coconut oil will require letting go of old habits. As you know, I am all about the power of letting go of the stuff that can keep one bound and stifled when it comes to moving toward accomplishing one’s goals and dreams.

  • letting go of old habits
  • consistency and commitment
  • calling yourself out each time you get weak and want to go back to your old habits

According to the researchers at the Beauty Research Institute, and Director of Research MJ Morgan, many medical professionals believe that a tablespoon of coconut oil a day can help lower the risk of heart disease and help reduce inflammation. Additionally, it is used effectively to “tame the loose and wild ends on those of use who are lucky enough to have a full head of hair.

MJ MORGAN - founder of beauty research institute
MJ Morgan

When you combine the use of coconut oil with the second ingredient to my seasoned, but youthful look, drinking the right amount of water daily, the benefits can become exponential.

Hope this was helpful and provides some golden nuggets you can use for your personal health goals this year. Click on the links in this article for more value added content.

Take care, talk later.

PS – the fourth Thursday in March is National Letting Go of Stuff Day